Cyrus the Virus - project for a videoslot. This project was started by Fredrik Englund with concept, mockups for game flow and visual direction. I came on board later on helping out with bringing the game to a final polish designing some features, creating some special fx, mockups for win structure, symbol separation, UI design, production work and helping with some character animations.
The logo of Cyrus the Virus - we started with 3 main proposals from the designer we were working with and choose one of those to bring it to a final polish.
All symbols in the game (the viruses) had 3 phases in the game:
 - dormant - when there is no win
  - awake - when anticipating a win
 - active - when you get a win line
Above you can see a static mock-up for the pink burst explosion fading into sparkles I produced to help the animators visualise what we need. I was aiming for a splashy-heavy pink goo explosion that would match exactly the style and colours of the infectious matter from the active states of the viruses.
I got hands on with this animation so I redesigned from scratch the pink goo explosion using frame by frame vector illustrations in Flash CC based in the static mockup seen above. 
The studio added the white sparkles and later on I added the rotating lens flare effects.
Below you can see it in the context of the game showing the win presentations.
The main concept here is when the viruses become active (when you have a win) they show off a certain quantity of pink infectious matter, this is reflected in the value of the symbol. The more valuable the symbol, the more pink you see in the active/win state. 
Game rules - mockup
Paytable - mockup
Gameplay video of the game can be seen above.
To play the game for free go here:
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