2014 is the year I started in this project, here you can see posts from the Daily Spitsculpt Facebook group challenge. This is my first spitsculpt 45 mins, theme: "Anime".
2014. "Things that go BOOM!"
2014. "YOUR BIGGEST FEAR" ... is to awake the dragon, is it not, young Hobbit?
1hr learning basics of sculpting in Blender, 1hr and 10 minutes sculpting, 20 minutes spent on lighting and rendering tests, final polish 25 mins Photoshop
2014. "Hood" dailiy spitsculpt group theme - making of. 30 mins sculpt using SuperSculpey, Sculpey and recycled plastic. 15-20 mins photo, lighting and Photoshop.
2015. Anatomy Study: Animal Skull - Gorilla . I used natural clays, took me about about 2 hrs
2015. Resurrected - white clay, stone, aluminium armature, glass base. Around 45 mins including lighting and photographing. Basic armature was recycled from another project.
2015. "Horns!" - aluminium wire armature, glass base, water clay build up, polymer clay color details, black stones. This is the detail level I could reach in 45 mins including lighting and photographing.
2015. "Monkey mafia" - about 45 mins actual sculpt time + lighting and photo. Polymer clay on glass base, base mesh build-up from water based clay, stone, Gozitan shark teeth (one of them plated with 22k gold).
2015. The Joker - 30 mins sketch - getting back to learning zBrush
2016. "Alien Soviet Ape", themes approached: Retro SciFi - Red - Bust - Childhood toy.
Materials used: polymer clay on a wood and aluminium wire base, aluminum foil, Nikon D60 components, old tv vacuum tube, hdd reading head, headphone magnet, stone earrings for the eyes, 18-55mm standard kit lens fixture for the neck piece, Soviet retro insignia on the shoulder. I hope kit-bashing is accepted here when approaching traditional sculpts.
About 45 mins actual sculpt time. 3 point lighting - photography shot with a mirror-less Sony alpha 6000, standard kit lens.
2016 . "Metal" - around 3 hrs sculpt in zBrush + bpr renders + Photoshop adjustments
2016 . Theme: "Alien Lifeform + Anatomy:Asymmetrical"
Breakdown: 15mins clay sculpt + 15mins lighting and photography + 40mins photo adjustments and paintover in Phtotoshop = 1hr10mins
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