This is my work for Gotigo (ex Steamgo) - a small start-up with a focus on facebook games. This was an untitled project that was left unfinished but for the sake of presentation I called it "Heist". I worked on some concept art, character design, animation, UI, title design and UX mock-ups.
Research done for a mood board, colors and inspiration for the game and especially for the UI Design.
Isometric assets created for this game. The office chair, couch and coffe table were first Sketch-up base meshes later painted over in Photoshop. The character was based on Iulian Agapie`s concepts and I prepared it for animation separating all the elements on different layers and movieclips in Flash.
Wonderfully designed doors created by Iulian Agapie the Art Lead on the project. All I had to do was animate them opening, closing and dissapearing.
Mock-up for unlock item based on a specific number of clicks.
I created only the UI elements, the map and character and most props in this frame were created by Iulian Agapie (Art Lead on this project) and Catalin Gospodin.
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