Who are you?
I am an Alien Ape that thinks he is a Star! ☺ No just kidding, I am a human passionate about “The Planet of the Apes” book and movies! We could say I am an Artist, Designer and Creative Tech enthusiast that loves to forge “primal alien experiments” merging art, design and technology into exciting concepts that can change the world! I love experimenting with Virtual Reality Sculpting and Animation, Blockchain Art and NFT platforms research, bringing to life traditional Art with Augmented Reality apps and techniques!

What makes you want to make stuff?
Just the potential positive impact in peoples lives and their reaction to it. I just love to see people excited when they discover new art!

What are you working on right now?
Currently sculpting in VR and soon animating a new Atomic NFT collection for koi.rocks! It’s called “KoiiGang” and will feature a biker gang in a cyberpunk koi universe! More teasers soon!

What bothers you about the NFT space?
I am bothered by the fact that all NFT platforms are seen as a get rich quick pyramid scheme that is taxing the environment. If most people stop at mainstream media article titles and don’t do their own research it is easy to see why they think all NFT platforms are the same...

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Also see below a small sample of Alien Ape Star's ATOMIC NFTs collection on koi.rocks.
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