2022 marks the 10 year anniversary of LEGO Friends and the mini-doll figure! You can see the official press release here and the media kit with a large collection of artwork and concepts here! 
One of the most fun concept tasks I had in my 5 years at LEGO Friends was to come up with cool new hair and fashion styles for the characters! Some made it through to product in an adjusted form like Stephanie's skater attitude sketch. I must say that new hat looks pretty rad in mini-doll form. One more thing to mention about level of detail: in the team we got used to do more detailed concept sketches that could be used to inform character sheets for the Tv Show. So if you see character concepts with earrings, bracelets that can't seem to be so easily brought into the product mini-doll form rest assured, some of these can end up in the Tv Show later.
It was decided to bring in more secondary characters into the product line and I initially pitched to bring Kenny a.k.a. "GameBoss" - Stephanie's arch nemesis in e-sports competition featured in season 3 episode 4 "Game On". In the end new characters where added, and Kenny ended up becoming "Jake" in the final product: 41704 Main Street Building.
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