Here are a few merchandising project I had the opportunity to help develop with the Licensing team while working in the LEGO Friends project (2016-2021). There are more collaborations than this small selection involving an exclusive plush product for only one American retailer, a LEGO Originals custom design (exhibited in the LEGO House in 2020) countless LEGO Friends magazines and a few other publishing products like the LEGO Book, and a LEGO Friends activity book! 
Sometimes the most fun and exciting designs can come out of just a quick feedback session with the licensing team or just asking one question like “Okay, this is a LEGO Friends ceramic mug featuring our main characters in the heart huddle, so… any chance we can ask the production team if a heart shaped handle is possible?”
For this hair accesories product I helped with concept design, sparring (visual branding feedback), sharing graphics that can fit the product and stay true to the licensed characters canon, passion points and interests.
I did not help develop this specific Sweet Mayhem plush figure but the exclusive LEGO Friends figures. Unfortunately I could not find any photos of those products online so I use this one for illustrative purposes on the size and level of quality of the product. I helped with character and product references, guiding the production team on keeping the product on brand and as close as possible to the licensed characters.
LEGO Originals custom designs done by all the LEGO Designers that participated to this awesome project. Mine is the huge gorilla mech suit in the back. You can see some progress shots below from the promo video and a few shots from the LEGO House exhibition.
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