Last years summer I embarked on a very interesting Facebook game project. It was supposed to be a game were you manage a production line for condoms manufacturing, testing, packaging and selling. I was involved only in the pre production phase.
I helped create the look and feel of the game based on the brief from the client and indications from a designer. The assets produced were used to do a qualitative and quantitative market research to see if the game could be successful and if the brand awareness is maximized through the proposed game mechanics.
Later, the game was properly produced and released by a young company based in Bucharest:
The game was launched recently on Facebook. You can find it HERE.
The game is not just part of a innovative marketing campaign created for a Romanian brand of condoms "Love +" but also a very cool way to merge retail and gaming. You can actually use points accumulated in the game to get free condoms but also you can find codes inside the condoms boxes that you can use to get special items in the Facebook game!

I was the only artist on the team in the visual dev phase and so everything was up to me to develop. Everything from character design, environment design to UI design was developed in just a little under 9 weeks. Of course some of the things I had to do I had to learn on the go. Some others were a bit more easy because of my prior experience with gaming companies like Namco Bandai, Gameloft and other companies like American Greetings Interactive (where most of my character design and animation experience came from). So I had to do research on industrial design, concepts, modeling, lighting, rendering, rigging, animation, character design, UI design etc.
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