In 2018 the Mechxhibition [mech + exhibition] aimed to showcase talented local and international artists within Vejle (Denmark) area community specifically mech/sci-fi lovers, kit-bashers and artists that are utilizing up-cycling as a medium of expression.

Inside the Boiler House were displayed pieces curated by Mani Zamani and Costin George Benescu under the themes of Futurism, Dystopia and Utopia. Several art jams and guided tours were held at Spinderihallerne during the month of April 2018 as part of the project.

On this page you can see photos from the vernissage of this exhibition!
Introduction to the Mechxhibition and Upcycling Art event from Vejle, Denmark!
Hey Vejlean Artists and Designers! Join us on 3rd of February 2018 at Spinderihalerne in Vejle for an awesome art jam and a special tour of the exhibition venue: the amazing boiler house!
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