Mobile Fashion Avatar - American Greetings

For almost a year I was very proud to manage and produce a Mobile Fashion Avatar project. We received the base design from the Madrid office and we had to create background,clothing and accessories assets. I had to deal with technical issues like depth sorting and color standardization too. I also learned a lot working on this project :) After a full year, when the time came to move the project also to iOS, I helped a bit with the UI flow and some UI Design proposals.

Spring assets set.
Valentines assets set.
X-mas assets set.
Halloween assets and backgrounds.
I felt the need to bring the boy avatar to the same manga style of the girl version. Sadly, my proposal was not accepted based on data gathered in focus groups.

At the beggining of the project I also had my own proposals for the character design but it seems it was not what they were looking for. So I kept iterating.
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