This is mostly my UI, FX, mock-up, animation, concept art, character and title design work for Gotigo (ex Steamgo) - a small start-up with a focus on facebook games. This game was called Moo Party and it was the first asynchronous running game on Facebook. The gameplay allowed you to interact with past sessions of your friends and add the power-ups and coin gathered to your game session. Art lead on the project was Iulian Agapie.
In the brainstorming phase we all contributed with concept art and concept design, game design, UX and overall ideas for the game. My take was to make a running game that was collaborative and had different characters classes with different skills and flaws to keep the gameplay more interesting and strategic. For example you could have a small, light and fast character that could fit into small tunnels or pipes, would not be very strong but it would be cunning into solving puzzles and opening secret doors in dungeons or underground levels. You could also have a medium built character which would be not very fast but very strong and heavy, good for smashing boarded up access points and obstacles. You could also choose a tall, slow but high jumping character that could help you reach in areas of the levels that are impossible to get with the medium or small character class.
For character design and navigation experience I came up with another concept that was a pun on the eco-friendly trend: A rabbit with a gas mask that could have a nitro-boost on different levels of power based on what he could eat in the level: beans, carrots, cabbage etc. Some people found this idea to be to complex for our game. In the end, none of my concepts were used and the creative director veto-ed the whole process by choosing a cute cow design by one of the other awesome artists in the team: Gospo.
Font research for UI and also Title Design. The game title was somewhat in progress at that time.
In the inital stage the game was supposed to be called ''Avalanche - Team Rescue"
One of the first UI drafts for the player select screen.
Integrating a swiss "Chalet" - wood cabin into the design, as requested by the Creative Director.
Research and proposals for player container UI assets.
Mock-up recieved for a new UI layout of the player select screen.
Mock-up for a new UI layout of the player select screen.
We decided to try a more dynamic version for the title. I received this pencil sketch from my colleagues and started experimenting with the title versions in Adobe Flash.
I really liked this version. All the letters are vectorial gradients in Flash.
I worked more on the colors, also I made changes based on feedback from the Creative Director.
Tutorial guide in-game view.
Coin rotate animations and FX.
Most of the assets and UI elements I worked on were continuously improved by the team after I left the company so in most web videos you cannot see my work anymore. The company went bankrupt in the last part of 2012 so the facebook game is, sadly, not available anymore. It was overall a very interesting and fun project and I am really sorry it was unsuccessful.
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