The OctoTrash team winning the Viborg's ImpactJam 2018 with the theme Mind the Ocean. Since then we have grown to include one extra member Denisa and improved the game for public release. :)
Rough logo design for the Alpha version of the game.
Illustration sketch of Octo, our friendly octopus character created for the game logo using Procreate on iPad pro.
In January 2018, four teams consisting of creative professionals and students from the fields of animation, virtual reality and games had 36 hours to develop games that fit the theme "Mind the Ocean". 

A jury chose the virtual reality game OctoTrash as the winner due to the product's technical achievement and empathetic insight into how a sea creature might experience ocean pollution. Winning team: Basile Mathieu (ENJMIN/Gobelins), Sule Serubugo (Rovango Studio), Anna Harakoulos (Ninetysix Games), and Costin Benescu (LEGO Group). The game jam was part of the conference Animation, VR & Games for Impact 2018: Partners: Games for Change Europe, SYBO Games, DFI, Game Hub Scandianvia, and Plastic Change. 

Want to know more about The Animation Workshop/VIA University College? 

Published on Mar 12, 2018  (Alpha version) OctoTrash is a VR experience that aims to increase awareness around the issues of waste pollution in our oceans and seas. To create a positive impact and immersive experience, OctoTrash enables the user to play the game through the eyes of an octopus living on the bottom of the ocean. The aim is to collect as much trash as possible before it piles up too high or ends up hurting other marine life! Alike a VR arcade game or endless runner but staying still and holding your ground, you have to do your best to survive the ever growing waves of trash. Feedback from various people that played the game showed that OctoTrash carries a strong message and would be impactful as well as fun for different audiences. 

That is why we would like to showcase it at Nordic Game as our first step to spread to word.
I really had fun creating this game flow using a quick pencil drawing storyboard and "live performance" to "animate" the concept. This was after the Impact Jam when we were exploring how to refine the game experience for the Nordic Games 2018 presentation.
This is a layout created in AnimVR for the environment used in the prototype version of the game developed during the 36 hours Impact Jam in Viborg, January 2018.
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