This is my work on Namco Bandai`s mobile game Puzzle Quest 2. I have done old school pixel art production work:  pixel perfect resize, layout animation and color optimization (the map heroes sprites have 32 colors, the heroes portraits have only 16 colors!). I loved working on this project! At some point we had to do tons of portrait resizes so one day I got up to 30 portrait resizes! The monster and heroes concept were so beautiful that it was truly a blast working on resizing them!
Please keep in mind this is just production work! All concept art is not created by me and I clearly state that Namco Bandai owns the copyright to the character and creature designs you see posted here. Thank you!

This is some gameplay footage of the mobile version I worked on.
PC version trailer.
This is some gameplay footage of the iPad version. I did not worked on this one but I post it here to show more features.
The game was ported from the PC version. Namco Bandai released many versions for various platforms: Xbox, Nintendo DS, PSP, iPhone, iPad, Android etc. You can see it on the Namco Bandai site and also on the official site of the game. You can see a review of the game on IGN here.

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