This sculpture is about escaping technology addiction. "Reverse Converse" is a kit-bashed commissioned work based on a custom Converse shoe. The art piece took 10 years to develop starting in 2012 and finalized in 2022. Polymer clays and foam clay were used along with upcycled mechanical, electronics, retro and vintage items and tech from the artist personal collection. Full art process can be found here.The artwork was showcased at Art Nordic (the largest art fair in the Scandinavian region) in Copenhagen, Denmark, 2022.
In 2012 I started a collab with Shui Shooz, a project deemed to bring custom Converse All Stars to the masses through the new shop that opened in Bucharest on Mageru Boulevard.
I started with a fluorescent bat skull on the other side. I hated how it turned out so I painted over the whole shoe with gray acrylics.
It took forever to take out a lot of components and I could only focus on the ones with 4 connections or less. So, sadly no processors or micro-controllers :(
I decided to work with Fimo Soft. It was much faster and adhered much better to the surface.
Final look inĀ 2012
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