The Crown of Beloch

The Crown of the Beloch Clan is formed of 3 sacred Crystals. These crystals amplify
abilities specific to the belochian physiology. The Crystals are not just glued on to the skin, they are encrusted in the skull through the Crowning Ritual.
The Belochians have a gland under the frontal lobe that produces hormones stimulating cellular regeneration and enzymes that stop cellular degradation. Basically the Queen can heal extremely fast and live 3 times longer than an common belochian because the Crystals accelerate the regeneration process and other metabolic functions. Also this gland is connected to the saliva glands at the back of the mouth through some tiny delicate channels. The "Nv`aal" enzymes have a unique function it the process of digestion: to brake down a mineral element that slows down aging (cellular degeneration).

The "Hee` Shal" hormone accelerates the regeneration process to such an extent that during a fight this skill becomes a pinnacle of strategic advantage. Also the belochian skeleton contains large amounts of quartz particles. The hormone increases blood pressure and makes the brain and the heart pulse at a certain frequency resonating also with the quartz particles in the bones and amplified through the sacred crystals engraved in the skull. But only the Queen benefits this internal process, the hormone having a higher concentration in the female body. Males from the royal family benefit trough external influence directly from the Queen.

Unlike other clans, the Belochians from the royal family (even children in extreme cases) get involved directly in the wars they wage. It is not a rare sight to observe a sword slashing in the king`s chest and by the time it slashed trough, the entry point is completely healed. Of course this happens at this incredible speed only because the Mother Queen expands her accelerated healing powers. The Queen falls into a deep trance and induces the same superior resonating frequency to any Belochian warrior a mile radius around her. To be protected from the gruesomeness of the bloody fights the Queen is kept safe in a luxurious pod filled with a special liquid. Some kind of over sized artificial egg encrusted with the largest sacred crystals to expand the queens healing powers.

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