ÔÇťAlien Ape NFT Experiments" is the 4th of 5 presentations in the line-up of the event "The Future of the metaverse and NFT" organized by the lovely people from "NFT Aarhus" : Brenda McCully & Siddharth Muthyala in the amazing start-up incubator "The Kitchen AU" : https://www.facebook.com/events/343339154419412 In this talk artist/designer/futurist Costin Benescu a.k.a Alien Ape Star will present his art journey from traditional to digital art and design to adventures and experiments in the metaverse in VR sculpting, web 3 and Atomic NFTs! Starting with team efforts and Twitter collaborative cross promotions to get into exclusive platforms like Foundation, getting a brand ambassador gig with koi.rocks, trying out Atomic NFTs based on attention tokens but also showing what programmable NFTs are all about on Async Art platform! Each presentation ends with a short Q&A so make sure to watch until the very end! https://www.instagram.com/alienapestar/ https://foundation.app/@Alien_Ape_Star https://twitter.com/Alien_Ape_Star https://alienapestar.com/
If you scroll down you can see the rest of the presentations in the event line-up! Or you can find the Youtube playlist here if you want to see them all in chronological order.
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